Marketing for the squarmies project

Hi squarfam,
The project has been down as we all know. We need to change this. The website needs an update. Names of the team and their socials with an picture of them. We need an more detailed and updated website and an more detailed vision of what the founders want to achieve. We need to to spend an x amount of eth on marketing and start being more active in the discord. We need to work on community building. I know it would not be easy, but somethings needs to be changed.
ps. make two different announcement channels. One for important announcements and one for small community news.
Have a nice day.


Agree couldn’t say it better myself

Have to agree with this, we have to increase traffic in and out our discord server.
maybe securing WL from big/ hype projects but in order to do that they need to have squarmies first.
This way we can add more value in holding Squarmies.

This is needed! Lets see if we can reach to devs?